Why Marxists are wrong

Please help me. I need to know why Marxists are wrong.

Part of losing innocence is discovering that some of the things we have been taught are wrong, or lies or both. I have always been raised under the belief that communism is godless. Interestingly, it was never the Catholic Church that told me this; it was… who? I don’t know. But “godless communist” has a familiar ring to it. And to be fair, Marx (largely the guy to whom communism is credited), was an atheist. He did call religion “the opiate of the masses”, after all.

I have read “The Communist Manifesto” by Engels and Marx. It wasn’t an easy read, and I could never get my head around “materialism”. I’m still not sure what that means. But reading Marx and Engels, I didn’t find them to be the monsters they have been lumped in with: particularly Josef Stalin. And now I find myself a victim of  – not rampant communism, but rampant capitalism. As a teacher, my standard of living has continually decreased through my whole career. Well… not quite true. For the first ten years of my career, I received scheduled increases on a pay scale tied to years of experience. But since then, my salary has been eroded. Why is this? Doesn’t success in capitalism lead to success for all? Markets certainly have grown since then, as have virtually all economic indicators in this wonderful G20 nation of Canada. Isn’t capitalism supposed to trickle down?  Certainly this is what I have been taught to believe.

And now I read this (link posted below). Yep. It’s Marxist for sure – even quotes Marx. And it scares me. I can not find anything wrong with it. It actually makes more sense than anything I’ve been taught before. Furthermore, I challenge anyone devoted to free enterprise (a nicer term for capitalism) to point out the flaw in it. For the life of me I can’t think of a “yeah, but”. Maybe you can help me.



One thought on “Why Marxists are wrong

  1. Or maybe Marx was right!

    Marx believed that the dominant ideas in any society would be the ideas of the dominant class—that is, the ideas that serve the dominant class in maintaining its position of dominance. If he was right about that, then there are good reasons why you were taught to believe he was an monster.

    Speaking of monsters, there are more Americans in prison today than were ever incarcerated in Stalin’s Gulag system.

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