An Open Letter to the CBC

I was bothered by comments made the other night by O’Leary on the Lang and O’Leary exchange. The comments were a response to a union-developed teaching resource about the environmental hazards of an oil pipeline. O’Leary manifested his dislike for unions and went on to detail the kind of vindication he would take on any teacher who would proselytize to students on an economic issue.

I pay taxes to support the CBC. O’Leary’s comments are partisan and aggressive. His onscreen persona spews exactly the kind of vitriolic bully-boy shout-down monologue that kills intelligent discussion about what is just and progressive in Canada. Instead of illuminating very important issues (the obligations and limits of what teachers should teach, and the clarification of fact vs. opinion vis a vis an oil pipeline that traverses a whole province and pours oil into supertankers that will be negotiating the tight passages on BC’s coast), his short, mean-spirited rant mocked unionism and teachers, revealing (even admitting) his disdain, and by extension, CBC’s disdain for them. Meanwhile, Lang sycophantically laughed as if to underline how cute his tirade against teachers was. This program has got to go.


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