Dear Premier: What is your vision for education?

To the premier of this province:

The problem of bullying and xenophobia can only be solved through liberal arts education. To really understand the human condition, we must tap into students’ empathy and expose them to great literature and works of art. We must open their minds to the beauty of music and to the colour and variety of culture. Schools that subscribe to the principles of capitalism and focus only on marketable job skills will only add to the problem of bullying, as the inextricable premise of capitalism is unwavering competition – survival of the strong, and annihilation of the weak.

To streamline schools by decreasing the number of teachers; to kill fine arts programs; to lay off librarians; to sell schools to capitalist interests; is to kill our society. If we tie our schools to a business model of efficiency, we create a world with a medieval authoritarian mentality – a cruel, heartless, low-principled, thuggish world where people eye one another with suspicion and hostility.

You will be the leader of a people, not of a budget. What is your vision for your society, dear Premier? What is your vision for education?


One thought on “Dear Premier: What is your vision for education?

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