“Defining Issues” for BC Election

These are the issues that should be foremost in our minds as we vote.

1. Integrity in politics: – no more slick politicking instead of leadership. Governments should not be allowed to advertise. Advertising is, by design, manipulative. Governments should announce their policies in objective terms through press releases, and they should let the people evaluate them based on these policies. Governments should have to pay for legal costs incurred when the courts find them in violation of the constitution. Governments should only base policy on well funded, non-partisan research, instead of research put forward by corporations or lobby groups.

2. The environment: – we are soiling our own nest. Governments are ignoring what the overwhelming majority of credible science is telling us: that the earth is warming up, and we are are the cause. Governments need to effect policy that will change our way of life, even if it means inconvenience – even huge inconvenience. Environmental policy needs to be rigid, and must not allow any individual to be excepted for any reason.

3. Human dignity. Those who have more need to give more. No person should be able to hoard away millions of dollars while others starve. Governments should strive to ensure that all people are allowed to live in freedom: protected from hunger, sickness or exposure; well educated, and able to participate effectively in the democratic process. People must have a right to privacy. The work that people do in industry must be divided equitably, and people must be paid enough to live in a dignified way. Provisions must be made for the care of children while parents work.

4. Education: – People need to be educated so that they can be good parents, and productive, happy citizens. They should be literate enough to be able to know what is going on in their world, and to react to it. They should be able to recognize the value in diverse culture, and see beauty in different art forms. They need to be able to read manuals, to understand policies, to share ideas. They need to be able to empathize.

5. Infrastructure: We need to be able to move goods for commerce.

6. Law and order: – We need effective ways to uphold our laws, and timely processing of judicial matters. We must not equivocate, but we must always consider the needs of everyone involved. Justice must be blind, and everyone must be given the right to the presumption of innocence.

7. Freedom of Information – All public decisions and all the process that goes into making them should be transparent. Any citizen should be able to access any government information at any time.


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