Can BC buy booze at Walmart now?

Now that the BC Liberal government has changed British Columbia’s liquor laws to allow grocery stores to sell alcohol, here’s what I’d do if I were Walmart: I’d sell booze at a loss – so cheap that people would only buy it from me. I’d put every single liquor store in a 15 km radius out of business. And the beautiful part would be that I really wouldn’t have to hire any more staff. After I had no competitor’s I’d slowly increase prices – imperceptibly, a bit at a time until it made me money.

Would I care if a bunch of unionized workers are unemployed and no longer paying taxes. No, I would not. Would I care that cheaper booze prices would lead to higher costs to society, including forensic and medical costs? Nope. Would I be concerned at all that small business liquor outlets would have to close down? Not my problem. Because Walmart is a business. And business is about making money. It’s about getting all the market share.

And hey, if the people pushed out of jobs don’t mind working for poverty wage, they might be able to get a job with us. Part time, of course.


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