Has government ever run interference on your freedom of information request?

Transparency in government is critical to democracy. A government elected by the people should be forthright in providing the people with information under the “Freedom of Information Act.” The public must have access to both data that is used to create policy, and data that is used to evaluate policy (feedback data). Governments must be held accountable for their policy.

Now we hear that the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA) is accusing the government of purposely mislabelling important documents as “transitory” so that they can have them shredded. This is a scandal that should have opposition MLAs howling.

I am concerned when I hear that data has been suppressed by gatekeepers of information. So I’m creating some data of my own. If you have ever been thwarted in a freedom of information request, please make a brief comment on this blog, describing your story. I will collate  these stories, and build a case for more government transparency.

Below are stories that have been submitted.

Each of them features prominently the trouble that authors had trying to get information from the BC Government. When you read the stories, you begin to smell something “rotten in the state of Denmark”:

The third is a news report about three federal staffers who have allegedly run interference.

Vancouver Island Freight by Rail

Did the BC Liberals fake LNG numbers before last year’s election?

“The Information Commissioner of Canada has found evidence of ‘systemic interference’ with information requests by three Conservative staff members and suggests bringing in the police” – Story from April 12, 2014.


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