Why doesn’t Canada want to produce green energy?

The above is a picture taken from “Inhabitat”, a green architecture blog. This city boasts being able to produce more energy than it consumes. There are acres and acres of rooftop in Canada’s cities and suburbs – rooftops that do nothing other than provide shelter. These could be generating power.

Why can’t Canada start generating clean energy? Really. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world! Why are we still actively promoting oil production and consumption?

We have proven through past wars that when we mobilize as a nation, we can be very influential in the world. Why are we not taking a leadership role? Why do we not mobilize against global warming, the largest threat to humanity in history?

We know that green technology is important. We know that using green technology to  generate electricity produces less greenhouse gas than fossil fuels technology, or hydro technology.

We know that greenhouse gases are contributing to global warming. We know that damming rivers causes havoc to ecosystems on which we depend. And we know that tar sands bitumen is very dirty oil, that it’s transport is a threat to our land and ocean ecosystems, and that it’s refinement and use as fuel adds greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We also know that fracking for oil or liquid natural gas is a threat to the fresh water supply and to sensitive ecosystems.

We KNOW all of this.

And we have the raw materials and know-how to build photovoltaic (solar) panels and wind turbines. We know that the rest of the world will one day need to invest in green technology, so we have a chance to become world leaders in its development.

We have more money than most countries to fund green initiatives – not necessarily so that we can profiteer, but so that we can live in a sustainable way. We could create a tax structure so that taxation is reduced according to how many kilowatts of green electricity a corporation produces for the grid (for example, by erecting solar panels on their acres of warehouse roofing, or over their parking lots.).

What is stopping us?

Why this lack of will to do something eminently sensible? It’s truly baffling.