Some Tough Words for BC’s Principals and Trustees

Which side are you on?

What drives me around the bend about the Principals and Vice Principals Association as well as the BC School Trustees Association is that the best they can do is to plead for both sides to sit down and come to a negotiated settlement. Well duh! This is not a position at all. Of course everyone wants the issues to be settled!

To play the role of disappointed parent and say, “You two sit down and figure this thing out,” is patronizing and unhelpful. These statements are attempts to satisfy the organizations’ requirement to weigh in, without actually taking a position. They’re really quite insulting to teachers, who are committed enough to the issues to go without pay. The issues are very real, and very important. This is not a childish game.

Do these organizations support the teachers’ position on class composition or the government’s? What is their position on non-enrolling teachers such as counsellors and librarians? Can they illuminate the compensation issues? What model would they like to see for professional development or teacher prep time. How about scheduling of classes?

By their silence, shall I perceive that they are happy with the government’s illegal contract stripping legislation? Or are they just trying to avoid the label of “militant” or “greedy” that has been applied to the union? They want to be the nice guys in all of this rather than try to improve the system. This is not leadership.


4 thoughts on “Some Tough Words for BC’s Principals and Trustees

  1. Great post. I couldn’t agree more.

    Although it may be awkward and inappropriate for Principals to weigh in on salary and working condition negotiations, there is nothing to prevent them from vigourously defending public education and students from annual, crippling , funding cuts.

    Their individual and collective silence is disgraceful.

  2. This is a question i’ve asked my colleagues and continue to wonder about myself!…imagine if they belonged to the same union?? Wait a sec….ummm, weren’t they before?! Well, seems like just another situation that’s been divisively predetermined. Anyway, your final statement sums up your blog post best…sad and oh so true…
    ps – love your blog, awesome stuff!

  3. The government has successfully put Trustees and vice principals and principals into a middle management corner where they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. At some point, they may have to put up, but for now they can get away with shut up; and that tey are doing.

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