The fact that BC Liberal voters must face.

If you voted for a BC Liberal candidate in the last election, here’s what you voted for:

You voted for a group of people who got together behind closed doors and cooked up a sleazy strategy to provoke teachers into a strike in order to help the themselves get elected.

They WANTED teachers to strike.

They WANTED schools closed –kids to stay home.

And they took every opportunity to humiliate good women and men, shaming them, and forcing them to go without pay for their principled stand.

They did this (so the BC Supreme court found) so that teachers would look bad and they would look good. Their behaviour had all the baseness of a high school mean girl who makes up rumours about her rivals in order to win the title of prom queen. Their action was actually that depraved.

The BC Liberals did this to me and my colleagues. They used us and the children that we teach. They had all the power and they used it to beat us down.

This is the party supported by business. Is it safe to say, then, that theirs is the mentality of business people: this mentality that winning trumps all other things and ethics be-damned?

And can we assume that you, who support the BC Liberals, would call this behaviour “cleverness” –this behaviour that the rest of us call “sleaze” –this behaviour that religions associate with the devil –this insincerity, trickery and treachery?

If you vote for these people, knowing what you know about them, look at yourself, at your willingness to embrace sophistry (you do know what sophistry is, don’t you?). Face the ugly fact of your quickness to put what’s profitable ahead of what’s right. You are a disgraceful excuse for a human being.


One thought on “The fact that BC Liberal voters must face.

  1. Well said, Jim. By voting for this government, which already had two court rulings against them on Charter freedoms issues, the (BC Liberal) people of BC have shown themselves to be either stupid or, as you say, disgraceful excuses for human beings. It’s time we called these nasty, mean-spirited simpletons out for what they are. All of you who voted BC Liberal in the last election showed yourselves to be pusillanimous, frightened little cretins, and you are now reaping what you sowed: a tyrannical, sociopathic government bent on destroying all the public goods achieved through much effort and even blood by our forebears. Shame and self-hatred is all you should – if you indeed have a conscience – feel right now, as you watch BC being turned into a corrupt wasteland, devoid of ethical principles. Enjoy your front row seats, you pack of simpletons, as you view our premier and her toadies sell BC to the highest bidders, leaving us all in the dust for the vultures (read: government, and international corporations invited in by Christy Clark) to pick our bones. If I believed that y’all could think critically, or even sub-intelligently, I would be disgusted; but, as I do not believe you are burdened with such abilities, I am merely saddened and angered by the sight of your astounding ignorance.

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