The Christy Clark Liberals: a malicious conspiracy

In 2012, eight British Columbia Ministry of Health researchers who were enthusiastically going about their jobs, were suddenly fired with no explanation, and threatened with criminal charges relating to the misappropriation of confidential patient data.

It’s no exaggeration that their lives were suddenly turned upside down. Their income was taken away, they were escorted off the premises of their jobs, and they were discredited as scientists.

One poor young man died.  The research he was conducting was to be part of his doctoral dissertation. It was his whole world. God only knows how many thousands of hours he had poured into his work, only to be completely mortified. He took his own life. The computer where he most likely wrote his suicide note was confiscated and erased before anyone could see it.

After they went through months of stress and anxiety being kept in the dark about their dismissal, the researchers learned an even worse reality. They had been victims of a conspiracy. The charges against them were lies made up by government –their own employer. The charges had been trumped up for what reason? Well… it’s not public knowledge, but the affair stinks.

It is well known that some of the science produced by the discredited researchers threatened to affect the bottom line of a very large pharmaceutical company, and that said pharmaceutical company makes large political contributions to the Liberal party.

What we now need in BC is leadership. Lives have been turned upside down deliberately by a conspiracy of malicious, cynical people, who live in the Machiavellian delusion that power is more important than truth.

The very idea that Christy Clark was not somehow involved in this is preposterous. She must not be allowed to be premier again.



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