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In which I defend (not really) Legislature Clerk, Craig James.

There’s something happenin’ here (with BC Legislature Clerk, Craig James), and what it  is ain’t exactly clear.

A lot of speculation abounds, though, that the recent dismissal of Craig James has something to do with his spending proclivities. Speculators point to a history. For example, in 2012, he got into it with then-Auditor General, John Doyle. One spending item that the press reported was his 40-grand-in-4-months expenditure on travel.

And of course, we average wage earners gasped. HE SPENT $40,000 IN 4 MONTHS?!! NO WONDER OUR GEE-DEE TAXES ARE SO HIGH!

Taxes. That’s what we abhor.

So many solutions are obvious to us. “How about don’t make unnecessary trips? Maybe don’t fly business class –stay in cheaper hotels and eat cheaper food like we do when we manage a trip out of the country that we have saved up for, for months or years.”

Yup it’s spending our tax money that infuriates us.

But here’s where our anger misses the mark. From C-suite business types, the amount of spending Craig engages in doesn’t get a second look; it’s the cost of doing business. If your business requires you to be away from home, of course it must fly you business class, book you into a five-star hotel, and find you court-side seats.

And because they work for private corporations, it’s none of our business -Right?


Ever wonder why your banking fees are so high? How about the price of anything that has metal in it –or the price of anything that has anything in it, for that matter.

Do you think that the CEOs of the companies you buy your tv or computer or car from are flying coach? Do you think they’d give a second thought to hopping on a plane and heading to New York for a business lunch and a Yankees game?

Think again. And yes. You pay for it.

So while you’re howling about tax expenditures, maybe give a yelp or two about the private sector decadence that is funded by your hard-earned dollars –the dollars you pay for your groceries. And remember: government service is still service you need just like you need your bus pass, toilet paper, and Tylenol.

I have no interest in defending Craig James. (Hell, I doubt he needs me. I’ll be very surprised if he is even arrested.) My point is that in his world of white linen lunches with business executives, James’ expenditures wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

And that is the problem.